Bumps after Brazilian Wax: Get Rid Of White and Red Pimples After Wax

Waxing is a method used to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. The technique involves pulling out of the root of the hair from its follicle. This helps maintain a smooth skin at least for a few weeks. However, waxing has its side effects.  Waxing often associated with severe pain, skin dryness and irritation, ingrown hair, , bleeding, and even red and white bumps.

These bumps look like razor burn or just red irritated skin. During this period, the skin is usually very prone to develop infections.

Usually the bumps tend to resolve naturally within a few days. However, these bumps can increase the risk of secondary infection and also make the skin look unsightly. Fortunately there are a host of home remedies which can be beneficial in hastening the removal of these bumps and pimples and protecting the skin from secondary infections.

How to Prevent Red or White Brazilian Wax Bumps

Here are some simple tips that can help prevent formation of red and white bumps on the skin after waxing,

  • Do not wax over new scars, varicose veins, raised moles, open sores, or mucous membranes.
  • It is recommended to avoid waxing especially when you have exfoliated the the skin and for about two to three days before or during menstruation or during pregnancy: The skin at this time is very sensitive and can be prone to formation of wax bumps.
  • Do not go into a hot tub or swimming in the ocean right after waxing
  • After 2 days, gently exfoliate the skin where you waxed.
  • Rub a mixed tea tree oil and lavender oil formula over the waxed skin to avoid irritation and white bumps after Brazilian wax.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes for a few days after you have had your skin waxed.

How to Treat Brazilian Wax Bumps

Unfortunately even after following all the necessary precautions, one may often experience unsightly wax bumps on the skin. Here’s how to manage them,

  • Wash the waxed skin gently and softly.
  • Immediately after you have waxed your skin, dip a ball of cotton in witch hazel and rub your in gently on the skin which has been waxed. Witch hazel is a natural astringent and protects the skin from infections
  • Once a day for 3 to 5 days, try to smear a very thin layer of salicylic acid cream on the skin area that was waxed.
  • To keep the waxed skin hydrated, apply a moisturizing lotion. Local application of petroleum jelly or aloe vera is considered to be good.
  •  Turmeric is considered to have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Local application of turmeric paste is considered to be beneficial. Alternatively add a tablespoon of turmeric powder to a glass of warm milk. Add a spoon of raw honey. This is considered to have strong anti-inflammatory action and prevents the formation of bumps. Take a warm water bath for the next couple of days. Warm water helps improve the circulation of blood around the outer layers of the skin and hastens resolution of red bumps.
  • Always apply  sunscreen lotion on the skin especially when you are going outdoors

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