Cold Laser Surgery: Benefits and Side Effects of Cold Laser Surgery

When referring to Cold Laser Surgery, many people tend to become afraid. This is because there is a misconception about the use of lasers. What come direct to people’s minds are those that appear in action films. However, laser light can be used for a good cause such as healing.

Cold laser therapy is a treatment used for healing. It is known by other names such as low-level laser, low power laser therapy, soft laser, biostimulation laser, therapeutic laser and laser acupuncture.

Cold Laser Therapy Benefits

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Laser Therapy

  • Cold Laser Therapy is used for reducing inflammation, pain reduction, and acceleration of tissue repair.
  • Cold Laser Therapy reduces inflammation by increasing the vasodilating and anti-inflammatory compounds produced by the body whenever it has an injury.
  • The therapy helps reduce pain by increasing the levels of beta-endorphins that are natural analgesics produced by the body.
  • Low laser therapy also helps accelerate tissue repair by accelerating the production of ATP or the chemical energy of the cell.
    This means that the cell is given more power at a faster rate, hence speeding up recovery.

Cold Laser Therapy Side Effects

  • Although it has been shown to cause healing, if used improperly without following the right protocols, patients can experience cold laser therapy side effects.
  • The greatest side effect of this type of laser therapy is damage to the eyes.
  • Whenever low level laser therapy is administered, both patient and the doctor must use protective goggles.
  • It is also important to follow the right cold laser protocols, in order to avoid skin damages such as burns.

Uses of Cold Laser Surgery

  • Further studies have shown that cold laser therapy is also used for treating spinal conditions, conditions of the cervical ganglia, irritations of the muscle, ligament or tendon, dysfunction of the nervous system, acu-points and joints, as well as conditions with the neuromusculoskeletal system.
  • A growing number of patients have been inquiring about cold laser therapy because of its cold laser therapy benefits.
  • Cold laser therapy is a great alternative for acupuncture for those afraid of needles.
  • Cold laser therapy is also a great form of therapy for individuals who do not respond to conventional medicines for pain and inflammation.

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