Complex Breast Cyst: Treatment for Complex Cystic Breast Masses

A breast cyst is a fluid filled sac. A cyst is commonest during 40 – 50 years. They frequently develop just before menopause and vanish at menopause.

Complex Breast Cyst Cause

  • Breast changes start after the age of 30 years. During this phase, stromal tissue in the breast gets replaced by fatty tissue.
  • The glandular tissue gets replaced by fibrous tissue and small cysts. Normally, you cannot feel them. Large cysts are an abnormality of the normal process. A cyst is an out-pouching of milk ducts. The lining of the cyst secretes a fluid.

Complex Breast Cyst Symptoms

  • A cyst may remain the same size or may shrivel up and vanish. A cyst can be felt easily is painful.
  • Sometimes large cysts may not be felt in the breast tissue. The cyst may enlarge prior to the period. Cysts that faded away at menopause may reappear if you have embarked on to hormone replacement therapy.

Complex Cystic Breast Masses Treatment

  • A large cyst is drained using a needle.
  • Aspirating the fluid eliminates the lump. A fine needle is used and the fluid is aspirated completely. It is carried out under ultrasound control. However, if the lump refills within 24 hours, consult your doctor immediately.
  • If the complex cyst has a mass within the cyst, a biopsy is conducted to rule out malignancy.
  • A mammogram is performed for patients above 35 years of age; more so, if it has not been done within the past 1 year.

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