CPR Steps: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Steps for Adults and Children

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a type of breathing along with chest compressions. It is advocated to rescue victims who may have had a cardiac arrest, wherein the heart stops pumping. CPR buys the victim vital minutes before medical help arrives. The guidelines for CPR in an adult and child, differs slightly.

CPR Steps for Adults

  • One person should call 911 instantly, whilst, the other must check if the patient is responding or not by asking him “Can you hear me?”
  • When the victim fails to respond, try to feel if he is breathing or not.
  • Assess whether the chest is moving or not.
  • Next, tilt his chin and tip the head backwards. Position one hand on his forehead and using the other hand tilt the chin upwards. Give the 1st breath; confirm if his chest rises or not.
  • Tilt the head again and provide the 2nd breath.
  • The other person should start with the chest compressions, using both the hands.
    Start with 30 compressions.
  • While one person gives the chest, the other should give 2 breaths. Continue till emergency workers arrive.

CPR Steps for Children

There are a few variations to keep in mind, for CPR on children. Use one hand only for the compression, as against the two hands used for adults. The force used must be adjusted. What’s more, a child’s chest should be compressed only about 1/3rd of the way. But, the basic steps of CPR remain the same.

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