Dry Mouth In Morning: Cause And Treatment For Extreme Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth in morning is due to the deficiency of normal salivary secretions. It is a common and a continuously growing problem of millions of people. It can have a negative effect on one’s general health and greatly affect the quality of life of an individual.

Causes of Dry Mouth in Morning

Some common cause of dry mouth in morning:

  • Blocked nose brought about by a cold condition or an abnormality in the nasal bone
  • An allergic condition known as hay fever causes blocked nose and leads to dry mouth. There is an excessive mucous formation in the nose.
  • Too much alcohol intake during the previous night causes the body to be dehydrated and bring about a dry parched feeling the morning after.
  • Acidic stomach because of the food taken in and late dinners
  • Hot and humid weather condition leaves the body dehydrated.
  • Some medicines such as those for treating sleeplessness and depression can dehydrate the body.
  • The body reacts to stress and anxiety, disturbing sleep and leading to dry mouth.

Home Remedies for Extreme Dry Mouth

The fact that several people experience parched and dry mouth after a good night’s sleep makes it only practical to know how to cure dry mouth in morning.

Here are some remedies:

  • A very practical way to alleviate the feeling of extreme dry mouth in morning is to drink lots of water upon waking up.
  • If the weather is too hot, it is recommended to drink more water during the day so that the body will not be dehydrated.
  • Prior to sleeping, drinking at least three glasses of water will also help.
  • Reduce intake of alcohol in the evening.
  • Reduce stress and stomach upset.

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