Floating Things in Eyes: Causes of Floating Objects In Front Of Eyes

Floating things in front of eyes or what are technically called as eye floaters are those dark minute specks that can be seen across one’s field of vision. This is a medical term that is also known as vitreous floaters or eye spots. The word does not imply that a person actually sees floating things in eyes.

Rather, they are the formation of tiny clumps in the clear jelly-like substance inside the eyeball.

Floaters can come in different shapes and sizes. Some look like dots or threads or little clumps. It may be present in only one eye or in both eyes. Floaters however are harmless and normal. But a dramatic increase in their number may indicate eye damage, which requires professional attention.

Causes of Eye Floaters

So what causes floating things in eyes?

  • Head and Eye Trauma: Blows to the head or eyes can be devastating. Eye scratching and touching may also create new eye floaters.
  • Surgery: The face normally swells after surgery, and this exerts pressure on the eyes.
    Such pressure is enough to cause small particles to detach from the your retina or vitreous leading to the formation of eye floaters.
  • Posterior Vitreous Detachment: Due to aging, the gelatinous structure of the vitreous may begin to shrink. With the vitreous shrinking, this attachment will begin to break, causing the presence of large floaters.
  • Vitreous Syneresis: When a person ages, his eyes have a more liquid vitreous. This creates the formation of floating things in the eyes. However, some people still have a firmer vitreous as they grow older.
  • Medications: Drugs to look out for include weight loss pills, skin treatment drugs, certain illegal drugs, and mental recovery medicine.

Treatment for Floating Objects in Eyes

  • Maintain a good healthy diet.
  • Exercise is vital.
  • For frequently irritated eyes, use natural eye drops.
  • Avoid unnecessary scratching and rubbing of the eyes.

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