Hair Loss during Pregnancy: Causes and How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss during pregnancy is relatively common and should not cause excessive anxiety.  The hair loss may aggravate after delivery, and persist for a few months. The hair loss is temporary, and will be replaced within 6 to 12 months.

Is Hair Loss During Pregnancy Normal?

  • Even as some women have healthy hair during pregnancy, some complain of extreme hair loss.
  • Pregnancy-related hair fall is due to fluctuating hormones and is perfectly normal.

Causes Hair Loss During Pregnancy

The primary cause is hormonal fluctuations, especially, fluctuating estrogen level. Another important cause is dietary errors and deficiencies.

How to Prevent Hair Loss During Pregnancy

  • Vitamin and mineral supplements may be prescribed by your physician.
  • Stress plays a pivotal role in general health and well being. It can actually increase the severity of hair fall. Practice de-stressing techniques daily.
  • Follow a nutritious and well balanced diet. Consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, milk and whole grains.
  • Step up the intake of the following foods: soy, tofu, soy milk, kidney beans, milk, cottage cheese, carrots, and limes. They are dubbed as hair foods. They promote hair growth, check hair fall and nourish the roots and scalp.
  • Avoid washing your hair frequently.
  • Avoid over-styling the hair. Steer clear of tight pigtails, hair weaves, tight hair rollers and braids; they tend to pull and stress the hair roots and scalp.
  • Consult your gynecologist to guarantee a balance of hormones.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners comprising of biotin and silica.

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