Amazonite Healing Properties: Benefits of Amazonite Gemstone

Over the years, health care has become more and more expensive. This has led many people to look for alternative medicine that helps to not only prevent but treat certain diseases and conditions.

Prevention is the best way to save on health care costs. Maintaining a healthy mind and body helps prevent the development of different diseases.

Alternative medicine such as the use of healing stones has provided people a way to be healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle. The Amazonite is one example of this healing gem stone.

Amazonite Stone Properties

  • The Amazonite, used as a gemstone but is officially a rock, is described as having a blue and green color with streaks of white.
  • This stone can be found in the regions of Colorado, El Paso County, Brazil, Pike’s Peak, Crystal Park, and Madagascar.
  • The Amazonite is said to represent a balance between feminine and masculine energy. It promotes kindness as well as practicality.

Amazonite and Its Healing Properties

  • The Amazonite is believed to dispel negative energy and improve confidence, leadership and communication.
  • The stone is also believed to enhance self-expression and creativity.
  • The stone also acts as an aid to seeing both sides of a problem, helpful in analysis and problem-solving.
  • The Amazonite also carries healing properties which benefit individuals suffering from certain illnesses and conditions.
  • The stone is said to help people affected with Osteoporosis as its assists the body in the absorption of calcium.
  • The stone also benefits people suffering from menstrual cramps and muscle cramps.
  • The Amazonite has also been used to act as a good metabolism regulator.
  • The rock helps people on a diet because it accelerates metabolism, able to burn fat a lot faster and easier.
  • The Amazonite has also played a role in ensuring a smooth pregnancy in women.

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