High Protein Vegetarian Diet: High Protein Low Carb Veg Diet Plan

  • When vegetarians try to plan good meals with no meat, and want to include lots of veggies, they tend to run into big problems. Although veggies are indeed good for you, a lot of them are very high in carbs.

Low Carb High Protein Vegetarian Diet

  • The ideal diet plan is a high protein low carb mix.
    Spinach, beans, rice, oats, and nuts, all are adequate meat substitutes that are high in proteins, but also contain the less desirable carbohydrates.
  • The high protein vegetarian diet has many options to choose from. There are a million ways to get all the nutrients the body needs without eating animal fats or plant sources that break down into sugars.
  • Soy beans are a great protein source with low carbs. Tofu is another. Adding these two products daily can give your diet variety and texture. They also keep heart disease away.
  • The good thing about tofu is that it will take in the flavor of whatever you cook it in. Jello, vegetarian lasagnas, and beef flavored soups or casseroles can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate any flavor cravings.
  • High protein diets should include 30-50 % of your daily diet. This can be accomplished with the use of soy and tofu.
  • Always choose low fats. Choose fish for increased protein and low fat. Fish contains the good fatty acids the body requires for focus, concentration, and boosting the immune system.
  • Vegetarian diets should include eggs which are an excellent form of protein and no fat. Hard boiled, scrambled, or sunny side up, they give valuable energy and strength to the body.
  • Beans added to the diet add essential fiber as well as protein. Believe it or not, 1/2 cup of beans gives you the same supply of protein as one normal size serving of meat.

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