Home Fragrance Oils: How to Make and Use Home Fragrance Oils

Essential oils usually come from natural sources like trees, flowers and plants. Fragrance oils made for the home are usually a combination of essential oils, base oil and synthetic additives. Making your own oils adds the benefit of choosing the scent and the strength.

Making Your Own Fragrance Oils

  • Find Base Oil: To make the home fragrance oils start with a base oil like Arnica, Jojoba, or Olive Oil.
  • Choose the Scent: Choose the scent you want. You can find a variety of these scented oils in bath and body stores, candle stores, craft stores and perfume stores. If you are using an essential oil, they can be found in the same stores and health and nutrition shops.
  • Find the right container: Most experts suggest you use a dark colored bottle to put your oil in. A darker colored bottle will protect the oil longer than clear or light colored bottles.
  • Mix: Add one drop of fragrance per one ounce of oil. When you reach the strength of the scent you want, set the bottle aside for a few days to infuse.

How to Use Home Fragrance Oils

How to Use Home Fragrance oils is up to the individual using them.

Here are a few suggestions.

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