How to Bring Out Blue Eyes: Tips on Clothes, Makeup and Hair Color

Tips on How to Bring Out Blue Eyes

  • To enhance the color of your eyes, wear makeup to bring out blue eyes such as shades of orange like copper, rust, bronze, peach, coral for your eye shadow.
  • Shades of brown for eye shadow and make up also looks perfect with blue eyes.
  • You can also use cool and dark shades to compliment with your blue eyes such as pale to medium blue, pale pink shades, midnight or deep blue, purple, and violet.
  • Also, in order to bring out your blue eyes, the clothes you wear should have the same shade as your eye shadow. Wearing coordinated color for your hair, makeup, and clothes is one of the best ways to draw out the natural color of your eyes.
  • Some of the most ideal hair color to bring out blue eyes is cool colors such as dark brown, black, or dark grey.

What Color Clothes Bring Out Blue Eyes

  • Use cool colors to match the coolness of the color of your eyes. You would certainly look awkward if your eyes, hair, and makeup belong to cool shades but you are wearing something warm like fuchsia pink.
  • Individuals with blue eyes generally look outstanding when wearing clothes with colors that are shades of pink, red and yellow.
  • Normally, wearing something that has the same color as your eyes work perfectly so if you have blue eyes, wearing clothes in shades of blue would fit right. If you have a light complexion, use darker shades of blue while light shades of blue should be worn by individuals with darker complexion.

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