How to Bring Out Brown Eyes with and Without Makeup: Enhance Brown Eye

How to Bring Out Brown Eyes with Makeup

  • To enhance your brown eyes, use eye shadow or make up that has shades of green and purple.
  • Brown eyes normally compliment with just about any color for as long as they are light ones so if you have brown eyes, wearing a dark eye shadow would be a big mistake.
  • Another way on how to bring out brown eyes is by using dark eye liner mascara. You can also curl your eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.
  • For dark brown eyes, having pale pink, gold and deep rust eye shadow would bring out the brown color.
  • To bring out the natural brownness of your eyes, dye your hair blonde.

How to Bring Out Brown Eyes without Makeup

  • You can still enhance the color of your eyes even without make up by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.
    It hydrates the eyes and makes them sparkle naturally.
  • Wear light-colored clothing. The contradiction between the brightness of your clothes and the darkness of your eyes would bring out the beauty of your eyes.
  • How you wear your hair also enhances your eyes. Tie your hair up or put them up to emphasize the color of your eyes.
  • Use eye cleansers to clear your eyes and to enhance the color.
  • You can also bring out your brown eyes by eating healthy. Vitamin deficiency makes the eyes look dull and cloudy.

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