How To Bring Out Green Eyes: What Colors And Makeup Enhance Green Eyes

  • The ideal eye makeup to bring out green eyes are the color mauves, bronzes, deep greens, lilacs, gold, browns, medium pinks, peaches, apricots, plums, coppers, deep purples, and other warm colors.
  • Do away with using cool colors like silver, white, blue, and pastels because those colors would really make you look pale.

How to Bring Out Green Eyes

  • Another effective way to bring out the green color of your eyes is by using warm colored eyeliner such as gold, bronze, or brown.
  • Purple shades for your eyeliner also work well with green eyes.
  • The color of your mascara is also an important factor in bringing out the color of your eyes. Your mascara should complement with your eyeliner, but generally, mascara with green hue can enhance green eyes.
  • Some of the most ideal hair color to bring out green eyes is auburn, red, or golden brown.
  • Jet black or any dark color for your hair would also be suitable for your green eyes.
  • Blond hair also looks perfect with green eyes as it complements with the gray tinge which is normally found in green eyes.
  • To determine what colors bring out green eyes is simple; just wear green clothes or any shades of green and gold for your clothing to complement the color of your eyes. It usually works.
  • Brown-colored shirt or dress would also be perfect with your green eyes as well as the purple, red and blue.
  • Wearing gold jewelry is also effective in making your green eyes stand out.

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