How to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly & Naturally: Lower BP Immediately

High Blood pressure or hypertension affects the cardiac health of an individual. Hypertension can be associated with various causes but here are a few simple tips to reduce hypertension quickly

  • Hypertension tends to affect obese and overweight individuals. Regular exercising, diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in refined food can help in lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing sodium content of the food is critical.
  • On an average individuals consume about 15 grams of salt, as against the recommended 5 grams of salt intake each day
  • Celery is a strong diuretic. Intake of celery helps flush out excess of fluids from the body which in turn aids in reducing the blood pressure level
  • Junk food, food cooked in saturated oils, etc tends to have detrimental effect on the arteries, which results in increasing blood pressure.

Avoiding these foods can help reduce blood pressure considerably.

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How to Lower Blood Pressure Immediately (Instantly)

  • Though diet and exercise are the best ways to reduce blood pressure, homeopathic medications are found to be highly beneficial in treatment and management of individuals with high blood pressure.
  • Intake of homeopathic drugs like Sepia, Nux Vomica, Ferrum Phos and Kali Phos in low potency, taken three times repeated during a day helps in reduce blood pressure considerably.
    Homeopathy coupled with dietary modifications and increase intake of fluids can help reduce blood pressure quickly without producing any detrimental effects on the health.

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