How To Reduce Body Fat Percentage Fast: Diet and Best Way to Reduce Fat

Early morning workout can reduce the body fat percentage fast. Studies have shown that exercising for 30 minutes to an hour after waking up in the morning can burn down the fat component of the body to up to three times faster.

The reason for this is that the body ideally uses carbohydrates to generate energy.

During sleep of seven to eight hours, the body uses up all the carbohydrate reserves and hence doesn’t have any carbohydrates to burn during an early morning workout. As a result the body tends to use the fat reserves to generate energy, which helps in burning down the fat reserve quickly.

Diet to Reduce Body Fat Percentage

Diet plays a crucial role in ensuring burn down of fats from the body. Here are a few simple diet tips that can help reduce body fat percentage fast,

  1. Avoid refined or processed foods. These foods contain various toxins and preservatives which tend to affect the normal metabolism and increases the deposition of fat in the body
  2. Increase the intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, soy, etc.
    These help in improving metabolism.
  3. Increase the intake of dietary fiber. Increased consumption of cabbage, spinach, whole wheat, etc tends to increase the fiber bulk in the diet which improves gastric functions and reduces the absorption of fats by the body, while giving a sensation of fullness.

Best Way to Reduce Body Fat Percentage

Always have a breakfast. An early morning breakfast, stimulates the body’s metabolism, which in turn helps burn down fat. Ensure that the breakfast is healthy, and includes milk, whole wheat and fruits.

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