Hypochondriac Symptoms: Treatment and Relief for Hypochondriasis

Hypochondriac are individual who is obsessed with the idea that they suffer from a life-threatening condition which has not been diagnosed. The condition is referred to as hypochondriasis. A hypochondriac has several problems in their workplace or their personal relationships.

Hypochondriac Symptoms

Symptoms of hypochondriac include,

  1. Intense long term fear of a serious disease
  2. Anxiety and apprehension about minor symptoms or daily sensations
  3. Repeated visits to the doctor for medical examination and evaluation
  4. Frequent tendency to switch doctors, in order to take multiple opinions
  5. Continuously talking about a disease condition with family and friends
  6. Obsessive about health research or constantly checking vital signs and symptoms to understand ones health status.

Though, not everyone with apprehension and anxiety about his/her disease condition can be labeled as a hypochondriac. Normally, individuals tend to become anxious about their health especially if they know they suffer from a disease. However, hypochondriac are individuals who are anxious merely because they feel they are ill and have never been diagnosed of an ailment

Hypochondriac Treatment

  • The primary treatment modalities include psychological counseling and educating the patient about hypochondriac behavior
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to help the individual in recognizing the anxiety and helps them in overcoming this behavior.
  • The therapy helps the individual directly confront with the underlying health fear and develop skills to cope with these uncomfortable feelings.
  • Educating the patient about hypochondriasis is also found to be beneficial. Support of family and friends is requisite in helping the individual overcome these fears and live a normal life.

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