IBS Trigger Foods and Trigger Points: Common IBS Foods and Diet

IBS is short form for irritable bowel syndrome. It is one of the common disorders of the alimentary tract. In this disorder the bowel habit is disturbed by diarrhea or constipation occurring alone, or alternating with each other.

One of the characteristic of IBS is presence of mucus in stool; it is due to motility disorder of the intestine and not due to inflammation.

Abdominal pain, bloating and gaseous distension are other symptoms often present in this disease.

Cause of IBS is unknown, there is no organic cause detected. Psychological disturbance, anxiety, worry and certain foods are blamed to be IBS trigger points.

To avoid these IBS trigger foods is best way to reduce the apathy.

The foods listed are broadly considered to trigger the trouble, but it is not necessary that all the food listed below is unsuitable to the person suffering from IBS. The suitability of foods will vary from person to person. You will have to try inclusion and elimination method to find out which food suits you better and which food does not.

List of Food That Triggers IBS

  • Red meat- beef, pork and pork products.
  • Cheese, ice cream, whole milk.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables. It is necessary to understand that fibers are necessary for proper bowel movement. You cannot eliminate fiber diet altogether, but you can find out which fiber food suits you, by keeping a note in the food diary. Some of the fiber foods are considerably well tolerated when peeled and cooked. Potatoes, oatmeal, rice, soy products, barley are well tolerated soluble fiber food which you can have in moderate quantity. And if you cook them than it is always better.
  • Spices and chilly foods should be avoided.
  • Food containing artificial sweeteners.
  • Sodas, colas, caffeine drinks, alcohol and beer.

From the above food list, you may wonder what is left to eat, as almost every edible food is included in IBS trigger food list. But as said earlier, not all the foods will trigger everyone. You may identify which food suits you and which food disagrees; accordingly you can incorporate them in your diet.

Decrease in stress level, proper hydration and regular exercise will also contribute in alleviating the symptoms of IBS.

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