Is Too Much Sleep Bad for You and Health: Effects Sleeping Too Long

Sleep is a part of daily routine life cycle, as other activities in life; sleep plays an important role in health. It is impossible to imagine a person not sleeping for life long, besides this sleep is required for various body metabolic activities and to rejuvenate our tired body.

In this context one may wonder if too much sleep is bad for you and your health.

How much sleep is then considered normal?

Researchers have opined that optimal hours of sleep is between 7 to 9 hours, anything more than this or less than this will attract health problems in a long run.

Many people have symptom of anxiety, low energy to do any task and disturbed memory if they sleep too much.

Effects Sleeping Too Long (Too much Sleeping)

Some of the medical problems linked to, too much of sleep causing bad health, are briefed below:

  • Obesity: people who sleep too much are found to be more obese, compared to their counterpart who slept for 7 to 8 hours.
  • Diabetes: researchers have found people with too much sleep of more than nine hours have greater risk of diabetes; simultaneously people with sleep less than five hours are also at a higher risk of diabetes.
  • Heart disease: there is no proved data between heart disease and too much sleep, but analytical review by some researchers have shown a link between too much sleep and coronary artery disease.
  • Back pain, head ache and depression are other health problems with people having too much sleep.

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    Experts recommend a strict sleeping schedule of retiring and waking up at same fixed time, with optimal seven to eight hours sleep, and to avoid too much sleep and its bad effects on your health.

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