Laser Treatment for Heel Spurs: Cost and Procedure of Laser Surgery

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding heel spurs. These are actually a growth of calcium in the region of the foot’s ligaments and tendons, where they attach to the heel of the bone.

The spur develops from the bone and into the soft tissue of the foot which cause foot pain.

Individuals may not know they have heel spurs until they start to feel extreme pain. Heel spurs take several years before it delivers suffering and pain. One way to end this pain and suffering and to regain that proper walk and confidence is laser treatment.

Laser Treatment for Heel Spurs

  • Laser surgery for heel spurs is relatively new and is a great alternative especially for patients who are afraid of invasive surgery or methods.
  • Laser surgery helps in treating heel spurs through the use of low intensity laser beams.
  • With these beam, growth of new tissues in the affected area is stimulated, hence lessening the pain associated with heel spurs.
  • Laser surgery is often times used as an additional treatment to help treat heel spurs.
  • The cost of laser surgery may be a deterrent factor for some individuals.
  • Heel spurs treatment with laser surgery works by exposing the affected area to the laser.
  • The laser emits low level intensity beams to the affected area only, keeping surrounding tissue unharmed. The beams facilitate or stimulate the growth of new tissue rather than new calcium-growth. Pain is significantly lessened.
  • It is important for individuals affected with heel spurs to know about the cost and procedure of several treatments available and recommended for them by their doctor.
  • However, the price of laser surgery may or may not be costly depending on several factors including: Geographic location, Extent of damage or new calcium growth, Surgeon’s skill, Physician’s fee and facility fee, and others (i.e. anesthetics used).

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4 thoughts on “Laser Treatment for Heel Spurs: Cost and Procedure of Laser Surgery

  • October 22, 2014 at 4:46 am

    I am going for laser treatment for my heel spurs. I have painful spur on my heel since 22 years. They are present on both the heels. They are painful when I walk. My age is 58 and nowadays the pain recurs after every three months which previously used to come after every seven to eight months. It becomes difficult to go for my work because of painful spurs.

    • November 4, 2014 at 3:00 pm

      Heal spurs can be treated with laser. It can be an alternative to invasive surgical removal. You can also take few steps to reduce the pain by wearing proper fitting shoes. Also wear shoe inserts after consulting your physician.


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