Laser Treatments for Genital Warts: Condylomata Laser Treatment Cost

Genital warts are caused and spread by the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. The warts generally develop on the genital area and can appear as white or flesh-coloured, smooth, small bumps or even large, flesh, cauliflower-like bumps. These warts are contagious and can spread via genital skin-to-skin contact or through the passing of infected genital fluids.

Genital warts may be treated with topical creams. However, those that are harder to reach or difficult to remove may require laser treatments.

Laser Treatments for Genital Warts

  • Laser surgery for genital warts basically makes use of an intense beam of light to target the warts.
  • Laser surgery can be expensive and so it is often ordered as a last resort.
  • Indications for laser surgery include: genital warts that is very extensive or hard to treat, genital warts that is unresponsive to first-line treatment, and genital warts on pregnant women who may experience fetal side effects on topical creams and other treatments.
  • Patients often worry about the cost exceeding the coverage on their medical insurance.
  • The cost generally depends on where the surgery is performed.
  • The procedure can be performed in the doctor’s office or clinic, hospital, or in an outpatient surgery center.
  • Different patients have different experiences when it comes to laser surgery.
  • Recovery from the surgery will depend on the location operated as well as the number of warts removed.
  • Typically, recovery occurs within a period of 2 to 4 weeks.

Cost of Genital Warts Laser Surgery

Cost of genital warts removal via laser treatment can be around $200 – $500 USD. It depends on surgeon fees and other factors as well.

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