Leg Massage Techniques: Benefits and How to Do Foot Massage

The Benefits of Leg Massage

Leg massage is ideal for individuals who are oftentimes exposed to standing for long periods of hours. It is administered to prevent cellulites and to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Foot and Leg Massage Techniques

  • Using your fingertips, apply pressure on your shins and hamstring. Switch your fingertips’ positions every after few seconds.
  • With the use of your palms, apply pressure while pressing each thigh with your both hands.
  • To experience the numerous leg massage benefits, ask somebody to apply pressure on your legs using the elbows. This will provide a deeper impact on the affected area.
  • To massage your calves and thighs, apply pressure on these areas using your knuckles.
  • Apply hot and cold compress for 5 minutes alternately on your legs.
  • Place your palms flat at the bottom of the muscles on your calves. Start stroking the muscles toward the heart in a continuous manner. Knead the muscles while stroking them with the use of your palms.
  • One of the leg massage techniques is called broad cross-fiber stroke.
    Use your palm and position it at the bottom of your calf, apply hard pressure. As you go up, separate your fingers to make the muscles receive the massage deeper and to prevent the muscles from tearing.
  • Use your fingers, knuckles, or elbows to penetrate the muscles by applying hard pressure on the specific areas.

Leg Massage Tips

  • Always work toward the heart when applying massage.
  • Use natural or herbal oil for massage.
  • Get your needed massage from expert therapists alone for your own safety.

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