Lemongrass Essential Oil: Benefits & Uses of Lemongrass Fragrance Oil

Lemongrass essential oil is derived from lemongrass plants. These are normally found in several varieties including Madagascar Lemongrass, and Guatemala Lemongrass.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

  • Lemongrass Benefits: There are several ways to take advantage of the lemongrass essential oil benefits. Some of them are therapeutic and others are medicinal.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: There are many therapeutic benefits of lemongrass.
    Among these are antimicrobial and analgesic properties. It is also used as an antiseptic agent, fungicidal agent, and an astringent.
  • Medicinal Benefits: Lemongrass has been used to cure respiratory infections, poor circulation, muscle pain, indigestion, throat infections, fever and laryngitis. It also has beneficial properties that help reduce and cure headaches. Also using lemongrass essential oil in a vaporizer will help clear sinuses and lungs.

Lemongrass Fragrance Oils Uses

There are many lemongrass essential oil uses.

  • Revitalizes: Lemongrass essential oil helps reduce stress, relieve jet lag, and eliminate nervous exhaustion.
  • Tonic: This essential oil is considered a tonic for the whole body. It relaxes muscles. It helps tone the skin and reduces feelings of lethargy.
    It energizes and reduces fatigue.
  • Insecticide: Using lemongrass essential oil in a burner will repel insects. Using on pets will eliminate fleas and tics.
  • Other uses: Lemongrass essential oil has also been used to treat athlete’s foot, clear acne, clear up cellulite, and treating other fungal infections. It has been included in massage therapy and great for indigestion. Some other uses include treating scabies, flatulence, oily skin, and excessive perspiration. It is also widely used in aromatherapy.

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