Lumps on Back of Tongue: Causes and Treatment for White and Red Lumps

Sore tongue, including small lumps that appear out of nowhere, may be due to allergic reactions, herpes virus and initial phase of syphilis, bacterial infection, canker sores, or tuberculosis.

White Bumps on Back of Tongue Causes

  • Trauma / injury: biting the tongue / scalding causes bumps, until the damage heals.
  • Clenching the teeth also irritates the side of the tongue.
  • Smoking: Smoking excessively irritates the tongue and makes it sore.
  • Canker sores: ulcers on the tongue occur during periods of stress
  • Enlarged papillae: when the taste buds get inflamed, they swell and form painful bumps.
  • Fibroma: bumps of connective tissues may develop if there has been an injury / trauma to the tongue.
  • Oral candidiasis: thrush manifests as ‘curdy’ patches on the tongue and the inner side of the cheek.
  • Herpes: oral herpes may develop after unprotected oral sex, which causes sores on the tongue, inner side of the cheek, and in the throat.
  • Medical conditions: anemia and diabetes are associated with tongue lumps
  • Oral cancer: most lumps / sore tongues are nothing to worry about, those present for over a week should be examined.
    Bumps present exclusively on one side may be cancerous. White / red areas, or hard lumps, especially if painless, may be a sign of cancer.

Treatment Bumps on Back of Tongue

It is important to seek advice from your health care professional. Getting the tongue examined by a physician is advised. The correct diagnosis can be made and the appropriate treatment started.

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