Massage Etiquette Tips For Clients: Tips for Tipping and Payment

Many people are referred to massage therapists by their physician. Since it is not normal routine for them, they may not understand the rules of etiquette that apply to them as a client.

Massage Etiquette Tips

  • Act Appropriately: Sexual contact, implications, language, or actions are not allowed. Some people have the belief that a massage and sexual acts are connected.
    This is an old myth and is not true.
  • Physical Contact: The therapist will explain exactly what you should do. They will instruct you how to dress, or undress. Physical touching is mostly associated with the acts of love, safety, parenting, comforting and intimacy. Keep in mind that this is therapy and nothing on such a personal basis.
  • Don’t Develop Attachments: Even though the massage therapist may act friendly, do not take it as an invitation that they want to start a friendship. Hugging, kissing, asking for e-mail addresses or phone numbers is not appropriate. This is strictly a therapist – client relationship. A simple handshake or thank you will suffice.
  • Limit Your Conversation: Although it is ok to chit chat some, don’t vent, ask advice, or talk about personal or business matters. The therapist is a massage specialist, not a psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor.

Massage Etiquette Tipping and Payment

  • Payment: Although most places of business have a receptionist, some massage therapists do not. Call ahead of time to find out what methods of payment are accepted and what the cost of the session will be.
  • Tipping: If you aren’t sure about what kind of tip you should leave, stay with the standard at the time. This is usually between 15% and 20%. If you want to leave a somewhat larger tip, don’t overdo it, as this could indicate you have other intentions.

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