Midfoot Sprain: Symptoms and Treatment for Middle Foot Sprain, Twist

A midfoot sprain is when the fibrous tissues that connect bones of the middle part of the foot tears A sprain is a fairly common discomfort in athletes, mainly because the foot has to bear excessive twisting, force, and weight.

Midfoot Sprain Causes

  • Excessive twisting, which usually happen in snowboarding, windsurfing, competitive driving
  • Excessive spinning especially among ballet dancers
  • Falls while dancing or performing gymnastics
  • A forceful blow on the midfoot like during motorcycle accidents

Midfoot Sprain Symptoms

  • Pain and tenderness in the middle foot area
  • Swelling in the middle foot area
  • Bruising or black or bluish discoloration in the middle foot area
  • May not be able to bear weight in severe cases

Treatment for Managing Your Midfoot Sprain

In midfoot sprain treatment, the following tips will help manage the problem.

  • Rest. Relax your foot.
  • Ice. Use ice compress to decrease swelling.
  • Compress the midfoot area using a bandage.
  • Elevate the affected area.
  • An analgesic may also be prescribed by your doctor, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve pain due to swelling.
  • For severe cases, immobilization through casting will be recommended.
  • Athletes and other people whose careers depend on their feet may need special rehabilitation and treatment plan.
  • Wearing stiff-soled shoes will stabilize the foot and prevent sprains.
  • Before doing anything that requires force, be sure to do some stretching.

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