Narcissistic Behavior Disorder: How to Deal with Personality Disorder

Narcissistic behavior is a personality disorder. A narcissist person is excessively self centered, has intense emotions and love for self and exaggerated feeling of superiority complex.

He has a power mongering personality, but at the depth of all this you will find him to be of low self esteem and insecure.

He appears to behave in excessively egoistic manner, and responds in an overriding way when involved in a venture calling for co-operation.

The imprint of this personality trait is traced back in his childhood. He was an overactive child; he was the most pampered child among his siblings, he was a victim of false admiration by his parents to promote their own self esteem.

At some occasions in his life he was neglected by his parents and had been abused by elders.

Characteristics of A Narcissistic Personality

  • This people cannot bear insults, defeat or any sort of criticism. They react very aggressively and fight back.
  • Due to their introvert nature, they do not share their feelings of joy or sorrow with other people.
  • He is uninfluenced by the wishes, needs, opinions or views of other people.
  • They like to be admired and pampered by everyone, and they become arrogant if not looked upon.
  • Such people are jealous and envious.
  • He can be over conscientious, paying greatly excessive attention to minutiae.
  • He will never acknowledge his mistakes.

How to Deal with NPD

  • This person cannot build a healthy relationship with anyone in family or in society.
  • Diagnosis of such a personality is possible by proper history, and physical testing to rule out any other organic cause.
  • Ultimately a psychologist and counseling can help a person to come out of narcissist behavior.

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