Neck Massage Techniques: How to Give Self Massage for Stiff Neck Pain

Different Neck Massage Techniques

  • Let your recipient sit on a chair and then stand behind him. Place your hands on both sides of his upper shoulders then start squeezing the area. Increase the pressure then release. Repeat the neck massage technique three times.
  • One of the most enjoyable stiff neck massage techniques is the lobster claws where the muscles on the back of the neck are rubbed alternately with the hands in a fluid motion.
    Repeat this move for at least 20 times.
  • Gently tap the back of the shoulders using the fist then move towards the shoulders and the entire area of the back.
  • You can also give yourself a neck massage by placing your right hand straight and fingers in line at the top of your left neck.

How to Give Self Neck Massage

Make small circles then move down to the neck along the shoulder muscle and finally down to your shoulders. Repeat three times then move to the other side.

  • Another most common self neck massage techniques is done by placing your right hand on top of your left shoulder then start kneading the base of your neck toward the top of your left arm.
  • Repeat 3 times then move to the other side.
  • The easiest and most common neck massage technique is the karate chops. Open your hands then chop the shoulders, the upper back, and the lower neck area with the sides of your open palm.
  • After a rejuvenating neck massage therapy, it is important to conduct a very important finishing stroke which is done by giving light downwards strokes from the shoulders down to the lower back.

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