What Is Pilonidal Sinus: Causes and Treatment without Surgery

What Pilonidal Sinus Is?

Pilonidal sinus may be observed at birth as a hairy dimple or depression in the cleavage between the buttocks. The condition will have no symptom for many years. This infection can spread into the tissues and produce an abscess and drainage of pus several centimetres from the sinus.

Causes of Pilonidal Sinus

The causes are more evident in male than in female and are particularly observed during puberty.

  • Hair characteristic and hair growth pattern
  • Local irritation or trauma
  • Sex hormones in puberty affect the pilosebaceous glands
  • Friction between the buttocks sucks in keratin and hair to follicles
  • Infection from anaerobic bacteria promotes hair follicle infection and abscess formation
  • Obesity, especially because of too much weight carried by the buttocks that stretches the follicular openings and the base of follicles

Remedies and Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus

A patient may find out a painless swelling or lump in the buttocks area while washing, which can cause increasing discomfort after a number of days. Here are some remedies and treatment that one can try:

  • Practice proper hygiene and regular depilation to avoid future abscess formation.
  • Treatment for the condition involves surgically removing the hair and the inflamed tissue.
  • The wound is to be packed at least twice daily after shower.
  • Broad spectrum antibiotics are enough to resolve the problem.
  • Pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery is possible only for acute abscess discovered early.
  • In severe cases, an urgent operative intervention may be required.

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