Pool Exercises for Back Pain Treatment: Benefits of Water Exercise

Dealing with back pain isn’t easy. It inhibits a lot of movement needed to perform the activities of daily living. The problem with back injury is that the more a person moves, the more the pain is exacerbated. One way to help this problem without further intensifying the pain is through pool exercises for back pain.

Benefits Of Pool Exercises

  • Water has special properties that can help heal a back injury. It is a safe environment in which to work out without further doing damage. The effects imposed by gravity are not felt when exercising in water.
  • Working out in water improves muscle strength. This is because the flow of water resists movement. The deeper under water one goes, the more pressure will be exerted by water, and the harder the workout will be, thus aiding in muscle strengthening.
  • Persons with arthritis can feel safe working out in the water because its buoyancy takes the load off the joints. It gives a feeling of weightlessness and hence makes movement a lot easier to perform.
  • Lastly, working out in the swimming pool helps persons strengthen their lower back and core. In order avoid future back injuries, a strong core and lower back is needed.

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    Types Of Water Exercises

    Below are the different types of swimming pool exercises for back pain. These pool exercises are intended to strengthen the lower back and help prevent ant future back injuries.

    • Leg Exercises

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