Protruding Stomach: Causes and Treatment to Protruding Abdomen

Why do some people find their stomach protruding despite their not being obese or overweight? Can a protruding stomach indicate certain ailments that a person has? The following are some causes why some stomachs protrude:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • High-calorie diet mostly consuming carbohydrates and fat
  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Overeating may also be a cause
  • Stress

Tips on How to Get Rid of a Protruding Stomach

Fortunately, there are answers to questions such as “Why is my stomach protruding out”? Below are some solutions and tips for protruding stomach:

  • Drink less beer to reduce the accumulation of fat in the viscera or stomach.
  • Avoid eating dinner very late or before going to bed as this tends to deposit fats on the belly.
  • Exercise to lose weight.
  • Swimming also helps in getting rid of fats quickly.
  • Upper, lower, and oblique exercises for the abdomen also help burn stomach fat.
  • Eat smaller meals a day to increase metabolism.
  • Avoid sugary and sweet foods as fats and sugar work together in increasing the body’s fat deposits.
  • Participate in cardiovascular activities or exercise for at least thrice a week for twenty minutes to prevent fat build-up.
  • Rehydrate yourself by increasing water consumption to loosen stomach fats.
  • Stress may also result in bulging stomach. Find healthy ways to cope with stress in life, emotional or physical to activities such as exercise.
  • Get a daily exercise routine.

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