Puffy Hands: Treatment and Home Remedies For Swollen Red Puffy Hands

Majority of individuals have experienced fat fingers and puffy hands. Sometimes it is most evident after a long walk. And there are also times that it gets even worse.

Causes of Red Puffy Hands

  • Warm weather, cool weather, and high altitude can contribute to more swelling.
  • Electrolyte imbalance. The salts in the bloodstream must be kept balanced to prevent the swelling of tissues or edema.
  • Profuse sweating can cause the loss of salt. High salt intake must be balanced with more fluid intake.
  • Some arm movement forces fluid into the hands, and when the hand is below the heart, it is difficult to return blood flow back from the hands.
  • End-organ diseases such as liver, cardiac, and renal disease, and the more common gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and pseudogout.

Home Care Treatment of Red Puffy Hands

Home remedies and treatment for swollen puffy hands are useful and effective only for minor conditions. More serious problems must be dealt with by the proper health provider.

  • If you are into sport or any other sweat producing activity, electrolytes can be replaced fast with some sports drinks.
  • Avoid high-salt-containing food like junk foods.
  • Drink lots of clear fluid to help balance the electrolytes.
  • When doing long walks or run, keep the hands relaxed and stretch the fingers every now and then.
  • It would also help if the arms are occasionally moved in a circular motion to avoid bloated hands.

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