Sandalwood Oil: Benefits and How to Make Sandalwood Essential Oil

For many centuries Sandalwood oil has been used in religious applications, medicinal purposes and aromatic uses.

Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Sandalwood oil uses have increased over the centuries. Because of its soothing fragrance it is a sought after essential oil. However, the popularity of this oil and the methods of harvesting have brought the Sandalwood tree close to extinction.

  • Body Fragrance: Sandalwood oil is used in perfumes, body and bath oils, aftershave, shampoos, body sprays and conditioners. Many elite manufacturers find new uses for the fragrance each year.
  • Aroma Therapy: Sandalwood oil is used in incense, candles, aerosol room sprays and potpourri. It is also used in sachets for your drawers and under your pillow. The fragrance is a rich, woody, soothing and delicate aroma.
  • Medicinal Uses: For centuries Sandalwood oil has been used to treat such ailments as oily skin, bronchitis, stretch marks, and a variety of skin disorders including dry and chapped skin, depression, laryngitis, and scars. Some research also indicates its use for preventing cancer, improving sleep and reducing stress

Making Sandalwood Oil

To make 100% Sandalwood oil, you would have to have access to Sandalwood Trees.

There are several Sandalwood based essential and massage oils that you can make just from the oil.

  • Sandalwood Massage Oil: By combining 8 tablespoons of grape seed oil, six drops of sandalwood oil, two drops of myrrh oil, and two drops of jasmine in a bottle and shaking, you can make your own Sandalwood Massage oil.
  • Sandalwood Shaving Oil: This is especially good for those with dry, irritated or sensitive skin. By combining the right amounts of a carrier oil like coconut, sesame, olive, palm or grape seed oil with several drops of Sandalwood oil, you can create shaving oil that will have healing and soothing qualities.

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