Self Tanning Lotion: How To Use, How To Apply And How To Remove

How to Apply Self Tanning Lotion

Self tanning lotion can be applied through the following ways:

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells from skin surfaces during shower.
  • Dry yourself then start applying self tanning lotion on your legs. Apply tanning lotion more than you should with an ordinary lotion.
  • One of the effective ways on how to use tanning lotion is to rub it quickly but cover all the target areas of the body.
  • Apply tanning lotion in circular motion. The application should be heavier than regular moisturizing lotion so that your skin will absorb it more.
  • Wash your hands every after five minutes to avoid your hands from getting orange. Use nail scrub brush to clean your fingers and your nails.
  • Continue applying self tanning lotion to your arms and other areas of the body which you intend to get tanned.
  • Put emphasis on the hidden areas of your body such as your underarms, sides of your torso and the back of your knees to get an even tan all over your body.
  • Do not apply the same amount of tanning lotion on your face and neck as they are quite exposed and easily gets tanned on its own especially the forehead and hairline area.

Removing Self Tanning Lotion

  • One effective way on how to remove self tanning lotion is by using 2 tablespoon of baking soda with a cup water to make a paste. Stir well then put it on a washcloth so you can use it for rubbing your skin.
  • Learning how to make a natural tanning lotion should be done the right way from experts to achieve good and the right results; otherwise, one might suffer from wrongly made ones.

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