Severe Itching All Over Body: Causes of Severe Itching & Rash on Body

Itching is often a symptom of a skin disorder or disease. However, it can also mean other things, including internal diseases or merely an allergic reaction to a food item or drug. It can also be caused by psychological triggers.

Severe Itching All Over Body

  • When there is severe itching affecting the whole body, chances are the problem is either on the skin or internal to have produced that potent effect.
    Insect bites are often just localized to the area bitten.
  • When the severe itching is caused by a skin disorder, often it is accompanied by welts or red marks on the body. This could by caused by various microorganisms, including fungi and bacteria.
  • Prolonged exposure to the sun is also a culprit. It can cause sunburns that could peel off the skin and cause itchiness of the whole body.
  • It is also possible that the itching is caused by psychological conditions or triggers such as stress and anxiety.

Severe Itching All Over Body with Rash

  • When the severe itching is accompanied by rashes, it is possible that it is caused by an allergic reaction to medication or certain triggers, including food, dust, and pollen.
  • In these cases, the patient should consult a doctor or drink anti-allergy medication as the allergic reaction may cause more problems inside the body.

Causes Severe Itching All Over Body

  • There are plenty of causes for severe itching:
    • Psychological problems/triggers.
    • Allergic reaction to food, dust, medication, and other triggers.
    • Systemic diseases such as liver and kidney disease.
    • Skin problems.


  • Treatment of the condition will depend on the cause.
  • Most of the time, for psychological origins and allergic reactions, the treatment is the removal of the trigger.
  • For skin and systemic diseases, treating the root cause will usually treat the itching.

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