Sinus Lift Procedure: Complications, Risks and Side Effects in Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift Surgical Procedure

Sinus lift procedure is a surgical process done when the sinuses of the patient are too near to the upper jaw bone or if the patient does not have sufficient bone mass in the upper jaw.

Sinus Lift Side Effects and Risk

  • Sinus perforation or sustaining a puncture on the sinus membrane.
    A rip in the membrane could be an entry point for bacteria and other infection causing microorganisms to get to the sinus cavity resulting to illnesses. In such cases, the surgeon will prescribe antibiotics and will put a patch over the tear. Another option is to stitch the ruptured membrane but the operation will be postponed until the tear has totally healed.
  • One of the big sinus lift risks is the displacement of bone graft material from the implantation area if the patient happens to sneeze. To prevent this, make sure to get away from allergens and pollutants that may cause sudden sneezing or the need for the patient to blow the nose. It would also be advisable to schedule the procedure during seasons that there is a low level of allergens in the air.
  • Another risk of sinus lift as with any invasive and surgical procedure is the acquiring infections, but this could be prevented by following the universal precautionary measures.
  • Sinus lift complications can occur if the natural bone refuses to integrate with the bony graft material introduced or if the grafted area does not develop an ample supply of blood to the sinuses.

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