Sore and Sensitive Nipples In Early Pregnancy: Tender Nipple Treatment

Feeling breast tenderness and sensitive nipples in early pregnancy are one of the very first signs that are noticed during the first few months when a woman is pregnant. While it can be annoying and painful, this is normal occurrence.

Causes Of Tenderness And Sensitive Nipples In First Trimester Of Pregnancy

  • Increased level of hormones in the body
  • Rise in blood flow resulting to changes in the breast tissue
  • Breast tissues are also prepared for milk production due to milk-producing cells that begin to develop putting in more layers of fat under the breasts.
  • The increase in breast size also contributes in the sore nipples in early pregnancy.

Sensitive and Tender Nipples in Early Pregnancy Treatment

Breast tenderness can be agonizing, but there are

  • Wear cotton bras that fit just right, and avoid underwire bras as they restrict blood flow in the breast area.
  • Apply comfrey ointment to strengthen the nipples and help relieve sensitive nipples in pregnancy.
  • If swelling occurs, take a warm bath or apply warm compress on the area.
  • Sensitive nipples heal over time by frequent nursing.
  • Expose nipples and breasts help prevent thrush growth.
  • Exposure of breasts to sunlight for 30 seconds will also help sensitive nipples. Increase gradually to 3 minutes.
  • Do not wear bra for long hours. Use nursing bras with flap instead.

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