Sore Thumb Joint: Causes and Treatment for Pain in Thumb Joint

When a person suffers from sore thumb joint, he has great difficulty in writing especially if he has sore thumb of the hand which he uses to write. There is excruciating pain in the involved thumb joint; movement of the joint becomes difficult.

There may be concomitant swelling of sore thumb.

Causes of Sore Thumb Joint

Causes of sore thumb joint can be due to minor injuries to some major long standing causes.

  • Any injury or direct impact to the thumb can result into sore thumb joint. The inflammation of the joint can lead to restricted movement of the thumb joint.
  • If the injury is minor it may heal after a few days of giving rest to the thumb joint. But if the injury is major and there is tissue damage or crack in the thumb bone it may require medical attention and plastering.
  • Mal treated injuries of the thumb can give rise to infections, which can lead to sore thumb.
  • The other cause of sore thumb joint is autoimmune disease, such as arthritis or gout.
  • Overuse of thumb joint, as in case of instrument players can be one reason for sore thumb joint.
  • Bite of insects can also cause swelling and soreness in the thumb joint.

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Treatment for Pain in Thumb Joint

The treatment of sore thumb joint will depend on the cause. In case of fracture an orthopedic opinion is always necessary, in case of infection use of prescribed antibiotics by a doctor is considered to be valuable and if injury is minor simple application of ice, for some time gives immense relief in soreness of thumb joint.

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