Sulfa Allergy Symptoms, Rash: Treatment and Foods to Avoid

Sulfa drugs are antibiotics that comprise of sulfonamides that treat bacterial and fungal infections. Sulfa-containing antibiotics, as well as a host of other medications, such as, anti-inflammatory medicines, migraine remedies and diuretics tend to trigger an allergic response.

Sulfa Allergy Symptoms

The following are commonly occurring manifestations of a sulfa allergy reaction:

  • Wheezing, breathing difficulties and chest constriction
  • Stomach discomfort and nausea
  • Itching and watering of the eyes
  • Anaphylaxis is a life threatening situation, wherein, the patient has facial swelling, throat swelling, suffocation, vomiting and fainting.
  • Immediate medical aid is a must.
  • Prolonged use of Sulfa-containing drugs may even result in kidney failure.

Sulfa Allergy Rash

Some individuals tend to develop a skin after taking sulfa drugs. Sensitivity to light also occurs.

Sulfa Allergy Treatment

  • Visit the physician instantaneously.
  • The only treatment for sulfa allergies is discontinuing the drugs.
  • Warn all medical health professionals of your condition.
  • Be very cautious when buying drugs over the counter at the pharmacy. Make sure that your pharmacist knows about the allergy condition.
  • While buying a particular medicine, verify with the pharmacist that the drug has not been replaced with a generic that is composed of sulfa.
  • Be aware of what drugs could set off an allergic reaction.
    Sulfa drugs are not restricted to anti-biotics, there are various other medications that comprise of sulfa as well. Be watchful about medicines used for diabetes and arthritis.

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