Sunless Tanning Lotion: Homemade Organic Tips for Skin Tanning

  • Sunless tanning can be effective when used with the right sunless tanning lotion. See to it that you purchase your needed lotion from reliable suppliers and from trusted brands.
  • Strictly follow the recommended amount of lotion or cream to be applied on skin to avoid overtanning yourself.
  • For safe applications use homemade sunless tanning lotion such as a mixture of ¼ cup of cocoa and natural white lotion.
    Apply all over the skin and face to get an even tone.
  • If you have a fair skin type, do not apply a darker shade because your skin would look burnt as a result.

Sunless Tanning Tips

  • Before applying sunless tanning lotion, do not forget to exfoliate first to get the desired results.
  • Use hand gloves when applying tanning lotion to avoid getting your hands all bronzed or orangey. If hand gloves are not available, wash your hands after every five minutes.
  • Apply sunless tanning lotion on your legs first then the torso, neck, and face should follow.
  • Do not use sunless tanning spray on the face.
  • Allow the lotion, cream, or spray to totally dry before going for a swim, wearing tight clothes, or going outdoors.
  • Keep yourself moisturized to prevent the skin from flaking off and removing the sunless tan with it.
  • Organic sunless tanning lotion or any kind of tanning lotion does not protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun so wear sunscreen protection when going outside after a session.
  • Also among the most effective sunless tanning tips is to apply sunless tanning lotion after dinner so there won’t be any chance of you getting accidentally exposed from sunlight.

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