Swollen And Painful Index Finger: Causes of Swelling In Index Finger

Question: Index finger of my left hand had come in my car door and the same has swollen, the nail has become blue. Kindly advice if I need to get the TT injection for the same or not.

Answer: There is a trauma in your finger; due to this there is accumulation of blood underneath the nail that is the reason of blue discoloration of the nail.

You can ask your doctor whether you have to take TT injection. There is no harm in taking TT injection. As there is accumulation of blood in your nail, you will have to take some medicines to reduce the inflammation and the ecchymosis and prevent secondary infection. Some home remedies like turmeric powder in milk can be taken at night while sleeping.

The homeopathic medicine arnica, rhustox, and hypericum are useful in treating such type of contused wounds. X-ray of the index finger may be necessary to detect any bone injury of the index finger.

Causes Of Swollen Index Finger

  • Many people believe that carpal tunnel syndrome only affects the wrists. Well, they are wrong because carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the main reasons why the index finger, along with other fingers, could hurt for no apparent reason.
  • Sometimes, it comes to a person’s life that he/she will experience dull or even excruciating pain in the index finger even without trauma to that painful part. It could be swollen or feel swollen but no outward sign will indicate that it is so. In situations like this, the best reason is carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • There is also a misconception that arthritis and rheumatism only affect older adults. That is wrong. Even young children could be affected by these ailments. In fact, these are two of the reasons why young people experience swollen index fingers for no apparent reason.
  • Even if the pain only affects the index fingers and not the others, this matter should not be taken lightly. The reason for this is that the pain could be an early sign of a degenerative condition that is affecting the nerves, muscles, and even the spine and the rest of the central nervous system. Such ailments include myasthenia gravis and cerebral palsy.
  • Also, do not forget that tingling, pain, and swelling of the fingers could signal an impending stroke.
  • Thus, swollen index fingers should never be taken lightly. Consult a physician as soon as possible.

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