Thimerosal Side Effects: Thimerosal Allergy Symptoms And Signs

  • Since way back in the early 1900’s, thimerosal has been added to vaccines as a preservative. It is primarily used because it is very instrumental in killing bacteria.
  • This toxin is also present in dental fillings, and many health and beauty products we all use on a  daily basis.
  • The addition of this preservative in vaccines particularly has been of great concern because of its mercury levels.
    Mercury has been linked to the development of autism in the first few years of a child’s life.

Thimerosal Allergy Symptoms and Side Effects

  • It is alarming to parents everywhere that thimerosal contains in excess of 50 % mercury, which is a very toxic heavy metal.
  • This is unfathomable, as even very small amounts of the poison can interfere with DNA and cause total organ shut down in some cases.
  • The toxin tears down the body’s greatest defenses against infections and deterioration, the immune system.
  • Without the power of the immune system, all systems and organs of the body suffer. There is no antioxidant benefits to fight off the free radicals that cause so many deadly cancers.
  • Even in small doses in as many vaccines children need over an extended period of time, this poison can create subtle symptoms of poisoning that can easily be attributed to common childhood illnesses.
  • Thimerosal side effects, like chronic headaches, stomach upset, extreme fatigue, irritability, and mouth sores, can be misdiagnosed along the way as the toxic heavy metal builds up in the child’s system.
  • As time goes on, serious neurological deficits are apparent. Brain and kidney damage can occur.
  • Levels of mercury should be under 5 ppm.
  • Some natural ways to accelerate the removal of mercury from the body are to eat plenty of vitamin C, either in foods or as a supplement, and eat apples and other foods that contain pectin.
  • There are vaccines available without the preservative in them. It is best to talk to the doctor about the disadvantages and advantages of thimerosal for your child’s sake.

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