Types of Cardiovascular Exercise: Indore, Home Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are categorized in to 2: indoor and outdoor. Now and again, they are also categorized as exercises performed using a device / equipment or without an equipment.

Cardiovascular Exercise At Home (Indoor Exercises)

  • Climbing the stairs: A basic cardiovascular exercise, stair climbing helps lose weight and proffers overall fitness.
    It is an excellent cardio exercise at home. Climb up and down the stairs at least 3 times to burn calories.
  • Treadmill: The treadmill is a convenient and cardiac work out. You may run, or walk or use the incline. It is wonderful to tone up the leg muscles.
  • Exercise Bike: Exercise bikes / stationary bikes are designed so that they do not put forth too much stress on the legs and help avoid injury.
  • Elliptical Trainer: The elliptical trainer is used for weight bearing exercises that tone up the muscles of the leg, arms and the back.
  • Rowing Machines: The rowing machine helps tone up the muscles of the arms, abdomen and legs.

Outdoor Cardiovascular Exercises

  • Walking: Walking for 20 minutes daily helps burns fat and increases blood circulation. It is a weight bearing cardiac exercise.
  • Jogging and Running: jogging and running augment one’s aerobic capacity.
  • Cycling: Cycling enhances overall fitness levels and helps shed superfluous fat.
  • Swimming: swimming every day for half an hour burns about 500 calories. This cardio exercise works on the entire body and has a beneficial effect on all the groups of muscles.

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