Vanilla Essential Oil: Benefits, Uses and How to Make Vanilla Oil

Vanilla essential oil comes from a bean on a vine that is grown in areas of Mexico and Central America. The plant is used for flavoring purposes. It also has medicinal and fragrance values.

Making Vanilla Essential Oil

It is very easy to learn how to make vanilla essential oil.

It only takes a few items and the process is simple.

  • Carrier or Base Oil: Jojoba oil is considered the best since it has Vitamin E qualities. You can also use olive, sesame or safflower oil.
  • Prepare the Beans: Clean the vanilla beans. Be sure to remove all dirt, debris or plant matter. Pack as many beans into a jar as possible.
  • Combine Ingredients: Pour the carrier or base oil over the beans. Use only enough oil to cover them. Cover tightly and shake for two to three minutes.
  • Set for Two Weeks: Although you can cook the beans for a short time before adding the oil, the same thing can be accomplished by setting them in a sunny window for two weeks.
  • Final Step: Using a piece of cheese cloth or a very fine strainer. Strain off the oil. Squeeze the pulp in the middle to make sure you get it all. Put oil in a dark bottle or jar. Store it in a dark area for six months to get the full effects.

Benefits of Vanilla Essential Oil

  • Cooking: One of the benefits of vanilla essential oils its use in cooking. It can be used for flavoring in hot drinks and desserts of all kinds.
  • Medicinal Purposes: Vanilla essential oil contains antioxidants. The oil has also been used to treat depression through its aroma. It is also believed that this oil can help reduce fever, act as an anti-inflammatory agent, and as a sedative.

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