Vascular Laser Treatment and Surgery: Price, Cost and Procedure

Vascular laser or vascular-specific laser treats vascular-related lesions. These lesions can vary and may include conditions such as telangiectasis commonly known as spider veins, strawberry hemangiomas, and port wine stain birthmarks. These conditions can significantly alter a person’s self-esteem. Some of these conditions can also be harmful if it is not treated.

With laser surgery, individuals affected with these conditions finally have an answer to their problems – a safe, and effective way to treat vascular conditions.

Vascular Laser Surgery and Treatment

  • Vascular laser treatment has been considered effective and safe by many experts and specialists. This is because the laser has a unique ability to treat only the blood vessels of vascular lesions without affecting or damaging the healthy tissues surrounding the area.
  • The laser effectively eliminates vascular lesions, leaving the healthy surrounding skin undamaged.
  • Vascular laser therapy has even been recommended for treatment of infants even a few weeks old only.
  • This will help them finalize their decision and feel at ease during the procedure.
  • Preparing for the session: Avoid tanning, use numbing cream, and avoid medications that allow easy bruising.
  • During the procedure, the patient is instructed to lie down on the examining table/bed. The affected area is cleansed and sterilized with antiseptic cleanser and solution. Eye protection is worn by everyone in the room. The doctor will program the machine with appropriate settings. The doctor will pick up the handpiece and use the triggering device to fire pulses of laser energy to the targeted area. The patient will feel a heated pin-prick with each laser pulse.
  • Treatment is usually brief, taking approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.
  • After the procedure, the patient is advised to wear gentle sun block, avoid sun exposure, and avoid rubbing or picking at the skin.
  • Cold compresses as well as moderate head elevation will help treat the redness and swelling that typically comes with the procedure.
  • There is no exact price for vascular laser therapy. The cost of the procedure is affected by several factors such as: location, extent of damage or targeted area, the specialist, and anesthetics or creams used.

Cost of Vascular Laser

  • It is important for interested individuals to learn about the cost and procedure of vascular laser therapy before undergoing the procedure.
  • Cost for laser surgery can be anywhere between $175 – $450 per session.

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