What Causes Dizzy Spells: Symptoms and Treatments for Dizzy Spells

What Causes Dizzy Spells

  • Periods of vertigo, or dizziness can strike any age group at any time.
  • Many times what causes dizzy spells is something as simple as an inner ear infection.
  • It is true that the elderly seem to be most prone to feeling faint, but that is only because they have lived longer and are more apt to have more medical conditions that can cause it.
  • Low blood sugar, decreased blood supply to the brain, inadequate oxygen to the brain or lungs, and certain medications for the heart, are among the leading causes of dizzy spells.
  • Sometimes getting up from a sitting position, or, getting out of bed too quickly, causes the  blood pressure to drop rapidly, and cause a feeling of faintness.

Symptoms of Dizzy Spells

  • Feeling as if all the blood is draining from your body and the world around you seems to be spinning out of control, are usual symptoms of dizzy spells.
  • A feeling of confusion can be present. You will feel unable to control what is happening to your body.
  • Passing out completely, and being unaware of your environment temporarily, is common in some cases.

Treatments of Dizzy Spells

  • If you catch yourself feeling a little unsteady on your feet, immediately get yourself in a recumbent, or lying down  position, where there is no chance of falling. Serious additional injuries can occur as a result of faintness.
  • Elevate the feet above the level of the heart to increase oxygen to he brain and lungs.
  • If you are aware enough to know that you have not eaten for a long period, your blood sugar may be dangerously low.
  • Eat anything handy without having to get up and walk somewhere. Have a family member or friend bring a chocolate bar or orange juice.

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