White Bumps in Mouth: Red Bump in Mouth and Causes and Treatment

Causes of White and Red Bumps in Mouth

  • White bumps in mouth can be blisters or ulcerations. Many times this is significant of a viral infection of some sort.
  • As viruses do not respond to antibiotics, they take time to work through the system.
  • People prone to the herpes virus will find that this condition is not curable.
    It will recur over and again throughout life.
  • Sometimes the small white bump in mouth is set off by stressful situations or at times when the immune system is compromised, as in cold and flu season, or allergy seasons.

Treatment of White and Red Bumps in Mouth

  • Even if you are prone to herpes virus outbreaks, there is treatment of white bump in mouth available that can decrease the intensity of the outbreak or slow down the occurrence of the ulcerations or blisters.
  • Sometimes antiviral medicines are necessary. At other times, treating the symptoms and decreasing the discomforts is very helpful in dealing long term with the condition.
  • Keeping the mouth extra clean is of utmost importance. Rinse often with an antiseptic mouthwash. Tea tree oil is an excellent swish solution, diluted with water, and used a couple times daily.
  • Tea tree oil is a natural anti-infective, anti-fungal, and antiseptic.
  • Any irritations in the mouth mucosa takes a long time to heal. Warm salt solution may hasten the healing of the tissue.
  • Any mouth irritations which do not show improvement should be looked at by a medical professional. Untreated irritations of the oral cavity can lead way to cancerous lesions.
  • As usual, eat a diet full of good proteins for cell growth and tissue healing. Avoid citrus foods and drinks that can cause increased irritation.
  • Resort to soft, bland foods during initial outbreak to prevent more discomfort and pain in chewing.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat a variety of steamed vegetables to be sure you have all the vitamins needed for the quickest recovery.

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