5 Warning Signs of Alcoholism: Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcohol is habit forming and addictive. The beginning stage for alcoholism is usually very slow and may not be easy to identify unless there are certain warning signs.

What are the Signs of Alcoholism?

  • Heavy addiction is a sure sign of alcoholism.
    In spite of knowing the ill effects of alcohol, the person is dependent on it, and is unmindful of its adverse affects personal, family and social life. Regardless of constant counseling by a therapist, he is unable to stop alcohol consumption.
  • A strong craving for alcohol, in the morning will tell you about the level of addiction.
  • He will drink secretly. He will use alcohol to fight sadness, disappointment, loneliness and stress.
  • He will always be looking for an occasion to drink.
    This is an important warning sign.
  • He may hide bottle of alcohol at various places: car, cupboard, toilet, bathroom, etc.
  • Poor performance at work, blaming others for your mistakes, forgetting important things, meetings and appointments, are vital signals.

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    Physical Signs of Alcoholism

    • An alcoholic takes no interest in activity / exercise. He will not have any hobby or do any kind of constructive activity.
    • He will neglect his appearance. He will have poor hygiene and cleanliness levels, poor body posture and grooming.
    • He also exhibits shaky hands, trembling and exhaustion. Along side, he may have a poor low appetite memory lapses, insomnia, loss of control over the body, and weight loss.

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