Average Breast Implant Cost: Average Cost of Breast Implants

In the United States, the average breast implant cost greatly varies; costs depend upon the location of the clinic, the expertise of the plastic surgeon, and the type of implant chosen.

Breast implant cost is a good gauge for the quality of service that the clinic and the doctor offer their patients.

Plastic surgery procedures that come at a cheap price must always raise a red flag, and must always require scrutiny because it may mean that the procedure would be most likely sub-standard.

Notably, breast augmentation procedures done outside the United States are a lot cheaper. For example, in Ecuador, breast implants come at an unbelievably meager price. The problem with cheap breast implants however, is the danger of complications during and after the surgery.

Additional Costs

Patients Considering a Breast Implant Procedure must be Aware of the following Facts

  • The average cost may not include other fees that need to be shouldered by the patient, such as anesthesia costs, facility fees, prescribed drugs, and medical tests.
  • Each breast enhancement procedure is unique; no two operations are the same and therefore each operation has a unique price tag.
  • The type of implant chosen whether silicone or saline, also dictates the variety in price. Silicone implants are more expensive than saline implants.
  • Post-operative care may also bulk up the fees to be paid for the procedure.

Insurance companies do not cover breast augmentation procedures if it is conducted solely for cosmetic purposes. Insurance coverage may only be available in cases of women who underwent mastectomy or in cases when women underwent severe breast trauma, and they need breast implants for reconstructive surgery.

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Watch Out for Cheap Implants

Women looking to undergo a breast implant procedure must watch out for clinics or doctors offering to do the job at an incredibly cheap cost. This is a red flag that only means the surgeon may not be board certified or may not be experienced. It may also mean that there are hidden charges that the company or clinic would bill the patient much later, after the procedure is long done.

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