Becoming a Vegetarian: Lose Weight With Vegetarian Diet

Becoming a Vegetarian

Many people decide to become vegetarian because of the many health benefits it provides. Some also choose the lifestyle because of certain principles. Some people also consider becoming a vegetarian to lose weight.

What is Vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle that involves eating a diet that consists of vegetables, cereal grains, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Diary is optional and may or may not be part of the diet.

There are several varieties of the lifestyle, they include:

  • Ovo

  • Ovo-Lacto

  • Veganism

  • Raw Veganism

  • Buddhist Vegetarianism

  • Fruitarianism

Many people also practice semi-vegetarianism where a small portion of their diet is supplemented by meat products.

Becoming a Vegetarian for Weight Loss

  • Many people become interested in vegetarianism because of the prospect of weight loss.

  • Many people who start the lifestyle will indeed see some outright weight loss, but this is only a result of an adjustment period that comes from shifting from a meat based diet

  • As a person gets used to the diet, they may gain a little of their weight back

  • Weight loss may also be permanent if the individual watches what his/her dietary intake carefully.

  • It is important to keep in mind that starches and sugars are still a part of the vegetarian diet and these are significant in weight gain.

Becoming a Vegetarian Tips

Take it Slow

  • Introduce yourself to the lifestyle in a gradual manner.

  • To start, you may want to slowly decrease your intake of meat products and increase your intake of vegetables and fruits.

  • As you go along, you can completely phase out these products from your diet.

  • Doing this can help make the transition into vegetarianism much smoother.

Get Someone To Help You

A vegetarian diet can simple, especially when you have mastered the lifestyle. It can, however, be stressful and it can overwhelm someone who is new to it. This is where guide books and vegetarian cookbooks help a lot. Doing it with a friend can help, too. Hiring a coach may also be a good idea.

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