Benefits of Dates Fruit (With Honey) For Women and Men

Dates are highly nutrient-dense foods. They provide large quantities of dietary fiber,  iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, sulphur, phosphorus,  and magnesium. These essential nutrients promise optimum health. Dates are also one of the most alkaline foods and provide the body with a type of dietary fiber called beta-D-glucan, which exerts several significant health benefits.

Benefits of Dates for Women and Men

  • Dates provide instant energy and boost stamina and tolerance levels appreciably.
  • They work wonderfully for the GI tract. They help combat the most stubborn case of constipation and bowel irregularity. Dates reduce the transit time of stool within the colon and thereby lower the colon’s exposure to deadly carcinogens (cancer causing agents).
  • Dates are also known to increase feelings of satiety and can hence aid in weight loss and weight management.
  • Beta-D-glucan found in dates is excellent for the effective management of diabetes. Beta-D-glucan is known to delay the absorption of sugar in the small intestine, thereby, helping to keep serum glucose levels even. the fruit staves off spiking and excessive oscillation of the blood sugar level
  • Dates check the multiplication of worms and parasites in the bowel, and promote the growth of the friendly, beneficial bacteria within the gut.
  • Dates are widely used to treat anemic conditions. The fruit is chockfull of iron and thus helps build blood.  It manages anemic headaches, breathlessness and dizziness successfully.
  • Dates also promote healthy heart functioning. The fruit checks a range of cardiovascular diseases. Notably, beta-D-glucan decreases the body’s absorption of cholesterol and facilitates in maintaining a normal lipid profile.
  • Research also says that dates contain powerful anti-oxidants that ward off cancers by fighting off the free radicals than cause damage to the DNA of the cells.

Benefits of Dates during Pregnancy

Eating right during pregnancy is very important. A balanced meal supplies all the vital nutrients in the correct proportion to the mother and the baby. Adding 5 dates to the daily diet is greatly recommended.

  • Dates are packed with iron, which helps build hemoglobin and fight anemia. The woman’s requirement for iron during pregnancy goes up considerably; therefore, it is very essential to meet the daily requirement in order to prevent deficiencies. Iron supplements are advocated by a host of doctors, but they tend to cause constipation, a condition which is already common during pregnancy, thus, aggravating the case. The most ideal solution is incorporating dates in the daily menu.
  • What’s more, the dietary fiber of the fruit adds bulk to the stools and checks constipation. It regularizes bowel movement and prevents straining at stool.
  • The potassium content in dates is significantly high. In fact, for each ounce, dates supply 260 % more potassium than oranges and 64 % more potassium than bananas. Potassium prevents the occurrence of cramps which are fairly common during pregnancy.
  • Furthermore, pregnancy is associated with a lot of weakness and fatigue. Dates provide the body with a quick supply of energy and help you feel invigorated and active.
  • Dates are also considered a ‘mood food’. It uplifts the mood and fights off gloom and depression. During pregnancy the body is thrown in to a rush of hormone overdrive which could trigger mood swings; dates helps battle these mood swings effectively.

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